10th January

Osaka through the window

Window to the World
So silent from a distance
So crazy up close

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9th January


Every city
Has a landmark Ferris Wheel
Swirling rainbow fun

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8th January


If I could just be
Living deep down in the sea
I would be happy

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7th January

Spectacle Bridge

Through eyes of others
You might see differently
And get a surprise

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6th January

Peace Park

The A-bomb peace park
For reflection, peace and hope
Tranquility reigns

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5th January


At the icy peak
Proud and enjoying the view
SPLAT! Ouch down to Earth.

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4th January

Calm sea at daybreak

Morning is breaking
Sleeping people missing this
Beautiful secret

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3rd January

Itsukushima Shrine

The calm of the shrine
Excitement of the New Year
An interesting mix.

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2nd January

Floating Torii Gate

A private island
A floating entrance for all
A communal shrine

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1st January

Sun and Shadow

On an empty beach
The first sunrise of the year
Two thousand and ten

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